What can you do if you don’t feel Covid-secure in your workplace?

30th October 2020

At all times an employer has a duty of care to ensure you have a safe working environment, during the Covid-19 pandemic this also means ensuring that as many measures as possible are put in place to reduce the risk of infection to staff. How much can be done will depend on your working environment, for example a shop environment when coming into contact with customers daily will be different to an office environment. An employer must also take into consideration how vulnerable you are, if for example you are classified as a vulnerable person who needed to shield, they need to be aware of this and take necessary action. Read more…

What are your rights if you are being made redundant?

27th October 2020

Sadly, in the face of Covid-19 we are seeing more redundancies as businesses struggle to retain staff in the current climate. A redundancy happens when a role for a member of staff no longer meets the requirements of the company for which they work. We are finding many businesses currently needing to reduce their workforce and some devastatingly ceasing their business. Read more…

Exeter Dementia Action Alliance’s Exeter Cosy Routes

20th October 2020

Working alongside Dementia Carer & relentless marathon runner Jo Earlam & cartoonist Tony Husband, Exeter Dementia Action Alliance have come up with an innovative wellbeing project for the city.

The Exeter Cosy Route is a circular walk embracing the city: Read more…

Boris Johnson pledges an introduction of 95% mortgages

15th October 2020

This month Boris Johnson pledged that the Government would “turn generation rent into generation buy” by introducing 95% mortgages again for first time buyers.  This should make it easier for first times buyers to get a mortgage  with a deposit of just 5%, allowing more to move on from the rental sector.

Though this will be good news for many, we must remember a low deposit does leave you at risk of ending up with a property in negative equity. Read more…

What are my rights if I need more time off for childcare than normal?

7th October 2020

Finally, the kids are back at school and hopefully enjoying seeing their friends and are settling in – unfortunately, the inevitable colds and other bugs will be venturing back through your door that go hand-in-hand with school term.

Normally, we know how to handle these situations. We might have other care givers who can help or if it’s just a cold and your child feels well enough, they can still go to school. Read more…

Why a Lasting Power of Attorney is important, whether young or old?

1st October 2020

There is often a misconception about Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA) being something you do only when you reach pension age, or older. This is far from ideal; as Covid-19 has recently shown us, anyone can be hit with a serious illness at any time, no matter their age. Additionally, accidents and mental health crises can happen at any age, not just sometime after you retire.

Read more…

Stamp Duty Holiday ends 31st March 2021

29th September 2020

In July, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a temporary holiday would be placed on Stamp Duty Land Tax for all property sales up to the value of £500,000, rising from its previous threshold of £125,000. This payment holiday will end on 31st March 2021. With the Stamp Duty holiday still in force, now is a great time to take advantage and upsize your property, or move to the country as it is rumoured some are doing.

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