5 Tips for Employers to Stay Compliant

26th March 2022

For any business, it is important to stay compliant with the law. Employment law can be difficult to navigate without a solicitor on your side. Here’s 5 tips for employers who want to stay compliant and avoid legal troubles.


  1. Get a solicitor to read your Employment Contract. Employment law can be tricky, and in the UK there’s numerous Acts of Parliament which regulate it. This means that when you’re preparing your Employment Contract, or if you want to change things in an Employment Contract, you should make sure you get legal advice from a qualified solicitor to ensure everything is correct.


  1. Employment law is complicated, and it’s easy to get distracted by other matters in the workplace. However, employment law touches on almost every aspect of business life from advertising jobs to preventing discrimination at work. Knowing what you need to do before you start will save a lot of time later on if things go wrong.


  1. Pay your employees on time and check employment law regulations for what you need to do if your employee has become ill or is going off sick.


  1. Employees are entitled to a written statement of employment particulars within two months of starting work with their employer or before the date when any change in terms is due to take effect. These could include details like pay rates and hours worked, employment regulations dictate that this information should be provided free of charge if requested by the employee.


  1. Do not discriminate against an individual on any grounds, and follow employment law regulations if you find yourself in the position of needing to dismiss them. The employment law regulations set out how much notice you must give before informing someone that their employment is being terminated.


At the end of the day to ensure you do not make yourself vulnerable to a claim by an employee we would always recommend you seek legal advice.   Employment law is complicated and it’s easy to get distracted by other matters in the workplace, but it is vital to be on top of it.  At Gilbert Stephens our employment team advises employees on all aspects of employment law.

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