Money Laundering

The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 (as amended) require us to check the identity of all our clients, both new and established, before accepting instructions to act. If we do not do so it could result in criminal sanctions being taken against members of the Firm. Therefore in order to ensure compliance it is a condition of accepting new instructions that we are provided with evidence to confirm both a client’s identity and place of residence and also where necessary, the source of any funds being used during a transaction. If insufficient evidence is provided we may have no alternative but to refuse to act on your behalf. Some established clients especially occasionally find these requirements tiresome. However, in asking for these details we are not making any judgements whatsoever about any individual’s trustworthiness, we are merely fulfilling the stringent requirements which apply to the legal and other professions where financial transactions are undertaken.

For individuals we will ask you to produce original documentation that verifies both your identity (List A) and your address (List B). Please ensure that you are able to produce one document from List A and one from List B. We will photocopy the documentation produced and return the original.

List A (Identity)

  • Current signed passport
  • Current UK/EU driving licence (both parts if new style)
  • State pension or benefits book or notification letter, or
  • Inland Revenue tax notification

List B (Address)

  • Most recent Mortgage statement
  • Current Local Authority council tax bill
  • Current UK/EU driving licence (both parts if new style)
  • Bank, Building Society or credit card statement, not more than three months old
  • State pension or benefits book or notification letter, or
  • Recent utility bill (not mobile phone), not more than three months old

Where a document appears in both lists, this can only be used once.

In the case of instructions received from Corporate clients we will undertake enquiries to independently verify it’s identity.