For most, work is key to our identity and self worth. Discrimination in the workplace can have a devastating effect on the victim both emotionally and financially. At Gilbert Stephens we have helped businesses by giving realistic, practical and easy to understand advice to deal with these often difficult and sensitive issues.

It is unlawful to treat employees or prospective employees unfavourably on the following grounds:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Age

Discrimination is a complicated area of the law and it is vital that you obtain expert legal advice when dealing with problems of discrimination. It is the employer’s responsibility to assure protection for employees. Not only must the policies of the business be such as to prevent discrimination, but the employer will normally be liable if any of its managers or other employees practice discrimination against other employees. The potential damages in such cases are often high and are not usually covered by standard employers insurance policies.

Why choose us?

We assist employers to implement appropriate policies and procedures to avoid being caught out by new and existing legislation and prevent claims arising which can be costly, time consuming and damaging to business interests generally.

Our team is highly skilled at presenting Tribunal claims and have helped many businesses to resolve these difficult issues.