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For many of us, buying and renting out properties, whether residential or commercial seems like a good way to invest for the future and make additional income. However, renting and renting out property is rarely problem free. Our specialist team appreciates the ability to gain possession of your property quickly and cost effectively is essential in maintaining the value of your asset. Likewise, obtaining advice concerning your rights if you are yourself a tenant is equally as important.

Our specialist lawyers work with you to resolve any dispute in relation to tenancies and leases as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. This may mean resolving a dispute at the initial advisory stage by way of early negotiations. If there is a need to issue court proceedings our experts will act for you and advise you of your best interests and how best to achieve your objectives.

Our services

  • By preparing and serving notices on your behalf
  • Bringing claims for possession and recovery of rent
  • Bringing claims to enforce other breaches of the tenancy / lease
  • By enforcing possession orders on your behalf using certified bailiffs or High Court enforcement officers
  • Advising you about what to do with goods left behind at the premises

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Other areas where we can help

  • Dilapidations and disrepair
  • Forfeiture
  • Rent arrears
  • Breaches of lease covenants
  • Service charge issues
  • Enfranchisement

Our experience

We have a dedicated team of experienced lawyers with a wealth of experience in residential and commercial property including;

  • Obtaining possession and recovering rent arrears
  • Appealing a possession order
  • Obtaining orders to dispose of goods left behind at premises
  • Obtaining an order to remove trespassers on private property
  • Obtaining injunctions
  • Forfeiture of commercial premises
  • Forfeiture of long residential premises
  • Injunctive remedies for breach of lease covenants
  • Nuisance

Why choose us?

Our team use plain English to guide you through this complex area of law so that your options are always made clear and you are kept fully informed at every stage.

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