Commercial Leases

If you are considering granting or taking a commercial property lease , our experienced team can assist you in all matters relating to your acquisition.

For commercial property tenants

We will check the terms of the lease, negotiating to minimise the risks and potential costs to you as a tenant and getting you into the building as quickly as reasonably possible.

It is important for you to appreciate that the terms imposed under a commercial lease can be extremely onerous for the tenant.  It is essential that you get legal advice before committing yourself so that you are aware of the extent of those liabilities.

For commercial property landlords

We will check and negotiate the terms of the commercial property lease you are taking over, minimising any potential tenancy risks or costs to you from a landlords perspective, liaising with your lenders in order to complete your acquisition to suit your timetable.

Within these types of transactions, a series of issues may arise during the negotiations and in the lead up to the execution of the contract. Assuring that the rights to assign leases, rights to sublet, rights of way, party wall permission where they are required are amongst the matters upon which we have provided legal advice, in addition to the protection and management of those rights.

Our advice also includes implications of rent deposit deeds, licences for alterations, deeds of guarantee and the impact of the Land Registration Rules that came into force in October 2003.

We will advise on the importance of restrictive covenants and the impact they can have on development land, together with the solutions available to circumvent the need to comply with certain covenants and restrictions.

Why choose us?

Commercial law is extremely complex and failure to implement the correct policies and procedures can be lengthy and costly, whether landlord or tenant. To ensure that you are properly advised, contact one of our commercial property team for assistance.

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