Exeter Living Awards Finalists’ and Sponsors’ Reception

19th February 2020

Gilbert Stephens Solicitors were happy to gather among many other proud finalists at the Exeter Living Awards Finalists’ and Sponsors’ Reception on Monday 17th February at On The Waterfront. For Gilbert Stephens, the evening celebrated the success of their collaborative networking group, Exeter Property Circle (EPC), for being shortlisted in the Property category for the Exeter Living Awards.

The event started at 5pm as guests were welcomed on arrival with complimentary drinks and a selection of delicious canapes. EPC Committee Members: Dana Mulligan, Marketing Manager, Sarah Heath and Antonia D’Alessio, Chartered Legal Executives, were pleased to catch up with other shortlisted businesses and sponsors before the winners are announced at the Awards on Thursday 12th March.

During the evening, Greg Ingham, Chief Executive of Media Clash, congratulated all finalists and expressed his gratitude to the event sponsors who make the event possible each year. At the heart of his speech, Greg emphasised the importance of the Exeter Living Awards for recognising small hardworking businesses within Exeter, who would otherwise go unnoticed.

Gilbert Stephens would like to wish all other finalists in the Property category the best of luck to include The Mortgage Quarter, Wilkinson Grant, Burrington Estates New Homes and BARC Architects. You can find the full list of finalists here.

Sarah and Antonia are thoroughly looking forward to attending the Exeter Living Awards this year alongside Martin Pratley, Head of Conveyancing and Nigel McKay, Partner. The Exeter Living Awards 2020 will be held at The Great Hall, Exeter University on Thursday 12th March at 6:30pm.

You can find out more about the EPC and the bi-monthly networking events we organise on our Facebook page here.

Exeter Living Awards Sponsors and Finalists Reception

Exeter Property Circle Shortlisted in Exeter Living Awards 2020

10th February 2020

Gilbert Stephens Solicitors are proud to announce that the collaborative networking group, Exeter Property Circle (EPC), has been shortlisted in the Property category at the Exeter Living Awards 2020.

Founded by Gilbert Stephens, Northcott Beaton and PSSW Solutions, the EPC was established to offer opportunities for likeminded property professionals to meet and connect within the Exeter area. The not-for-profit group has grown exponentially from its launch event in September 2018 and continues to offer bimonthly networking events across various local venues. Read more…

Stark warning to businesses after £275,000 fine for breach of GDPR

5th February 2020

A London Pharmacy has just been fined £275,000 for its failure to ensure the security of special category data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is a data protection regulation set by the EU to help give more control to individuals over their personal data. The Regulations came into effect on 25th May 2018 to ensure the security of data held by individuals and most of us will be aware of it, remember all the emails asking you to confirm you were happy for your details to be stored? That was as a result of the GDPR regulations. All businesses must abide by these regulations and if there is even a slight breach it must be reported to the Information Commissioner. Read more…

Intestacy Rules Updated

30th January 2020

On Thursday 6th February 2020, a small change will be made to the way in which some estates are divided when someone dies without making a will.

When someone dies without a valid will, the “Intestacy Rules” determine who will inherit from them and who has the right to administer their estate. How much of their estate will be inherited by their partner, children and other close relatives is set out in the Administration of Estates Act 1925, which has been updated from time to time since then. Read more…

Winter driving tips

27th January 2020

Winter can be a precarious time of year for car drivers, accidents increase as road conditions worsen due to the adverse weather conditions and shorter hours of daylight. Though claims can be pursued if you are involved in an accident which isn’t your fault, and in some circumstances, claims can be taken against local Councils, it is better for everyone if they can be avoided in the first place. For that reason, we have put together our top ten tips for keeping safe on the roads this winter:

  1. Have a winter car check – a winter check will give you peace of mind that your car is in good working condition. It will check things like your brakes, windscreen wipers, and tyres.
  2. Keep a blanket, water, and some snacks in your car in case you do get stranded due to poor weather conditions. Ensure you can always keep warm, fed, and watered whatever happens.
  3. Before leaving home check if there are any weather warnings in place, if there are consider if your journey is really necessary.
  4. Drive to the conditions – if it is very wet or icy ensure you leave a bigger distance between you are the car in front. If you have to stop suddenly you need space to do this. Stopping distances are at least doubled in wet weather and multiplied by ten in ice and snowy weather. If the weather is very windy be aware there may be debris in the road ahead.
  5. Keep your speed down – the faster you drive the longer it will take to stop and in wet and icy conditions the roads may be very slippery. If you are driving too fast you can very quickly lose control of the vehicle, even with the slightest touch of the brakes.
  6. Ensure you have enough fuel – it’s very easy to push on when the low fuel light comes on, however it’s a good idea to always have enough fuel in case you get stuck for a considerable time and need to keep your heating running.
  7. If your car is frozen clear all windscreens and windows properly before setting off so you have full visibility.
  8. Don’t be tempted to drive through flood water – we’ve all seen those images of cars broken down as the water seeps in!
  9. Be aware of what is around you, too often accidents are caused due to a lack in concentration – don’t get behind the wheel if you are tired.
  10. Data shows there are spikes in accidents when the clocks turn back resulting in drivers being more likely to have to drive in the dark. Be sure your headlights work and don’t stare at oncoming headlights, use your full beams sensibly and don’t blind other drivers.

Accidents will sadly happen no matter what precautions are taken but hopefully we can reduce them by using a bit of common sense, there’s no point in driving fast if at the end of the day you never reach your destination.

If you are unfortunate to have been involved in an accident and would like some legal advice you can contact our team here, email  or call 01392 424242.

New Year, New Home

20th January 2020

With the Christmas and New Year festivities having come and gone, we find ourselves in the time of year when many people are thinking of either booking their summer holidays or, perhaps, also contemplating putting their property on the market and looking around for that dream home purchase.

Below is a basic guide and some tips we have put together to help you if you find yourself looking to move in 2020. Read more…

It’s Classics Galore! raises £22,500 for local cancer charity, FORCE

17th January 2020

On Tuesday 14th January, Gilbert Stephens Solicitors were extremely pleased to congratulate Classics Galore on raising a remarkable £22,500 for a fantastic local charity. The firm are proud to be sponsors of the annual Concert which raises funds for FORCE. FORCE is an Exeter-based charity which works to improve patient care within the City by funding research and innovation. Read more…