Sporting Rights

We offer advice on all aspects of countryside law including fishing, water and shooting rights. Our team is able to help you whether you need to find out if you are complying with current legislation or if you have a right to claim compensation due to pollution or negligence by a third party.

Fishing Rights

Whether you are a fish farm owner, an angling club, or a private owner we are able to help on all aspects of fishing rights from acquisition and ownership, management, rights and obligations, registration of rights with the Land Registry, advice on dealing with government agencies and authorities and advice on compensation following damage to fisheries. Whether you are acquiring fishing rights, or are an existing owner encountering problems, our team will help guide you through this complex area of law.

Shooting Rights

Whether you run a shooting club, or are an individual participating in rough or game shooting, it is imperative that you comply with gun laws to avoid committing an offence, which in many cases can be an innocent mistake, or infringing someone else’s rights. Individuals and firearms are affected by today’s fast changing restrictive laws and regulations and we are able to offer advice on firearm licences, leases for land, rights of way and trespass.

Why choose us?

Our broad range of experience on fast changing countryside law will ensure your peace of mind in the activities you are undertaking.

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