As an employer it is relatively easy to get the redundancy process wrong, exposing your business to unnecessary risks and possible tribunal claims. We will give clear and concise guidance to employers to try and ensure that they get it right and minimise the risk to their business.

The statutory definition of redundancy is found in the Employment Rights Act (ERA)1996. This states that a redundancy will arise if the employee’s dismissal is wholly or mainly attributable to either;

  • The employer has ceased or intends to cease to carry on the business for the purposes for which the employee was employed or to carry on their business in the place where the employee was employed.
  • The requirements of that business for the employee to carry out work of a particular kind or for the employee to carry out their work in the place where the employee was employed, have ceased or diminished or are expected to cease or diminish.

Why choose us?

Our team of professionals will advise you on what does and does not constitute a redundancy situation taking into account your particular business. We will outline the criteria for selecting employees for redundancy, including employer’s duties to employees, ways of avoiding redundancy, rights of appeal, notices to employees and redundancy packages.

This is a complex area of law which can have severe consequences for the employer so if in doubt, call our approachable team for advice.