Snow Disruption – Your Employment Rights

2nd March 2018

It is important to understand your rights when adverse weather conditions and travel disruption affects your ability to attend work.


Firstly you should check your employment contract, policies and any handbook as these documents may outline you rights in these circumstances.


However if not, the general rule is you would not automatically be entitled to pay if you are unable to attend work. If however the workplace is closed and you do not usually work from home you employer cannot usually deduct pay. You could be asked to work at another location of from home but this should be stipulated in your employment contract.


Your employer could ask you to take paid annual leave if you have been given notice of this. The notice must be at least double the length of time the employer wants you to take in annual leave.


Your employer may ask you to work flexible hours to make the time up. Unless your employment contract provides for this your employer cannot insist on it.


If you have children and their school is closed or your usual childcare arrangements are disrupted you have the right to take a reasonable amount of time off work as it is an emergency situation however it would be unpaid unless you have agreed differently with your employer.


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