Gilbert Stephens Young Professionals Network

25th April 2022

Gilbert Stephens Solicitors Young Professionals Network had a great evening recently as they met at Margoux in Exeter for beautiful food, wine and excellent company.

A big thank you to those who attended and to Margoux for hosting them!

Do get in touch if you’d like to join and hear about upcoming events.

Gilbert Stephens Young Professionals Network

The Exeter based Young Professionals Network (YPN) offers members a chance to network with like minded professionals on an informal basis. The network was set up by Gilbert Stephens in 2010 to provide the firm’s younger members to build their own network of contacts in the Exeter area. The group has grown annually and now has over 300 members from industry, professional services and the charity sector.

The YPN is different to other formal networking groups as the atmosphere is relaxed and informal. What makes the events extremely popular with younger professionals is the alternative option to building professional and personal relationships outside of the more traditional business networks.

Wherever possible the group aims to support, through their events, new businesses in the local area. Events are typically announced 2 -3 weeks prior to the event taking place.  The previous events have varied from cocktail making, bowling, laser tag, the art of sushi making to trying the menus of some of Exeter’s latest restaurants and informal drinks events.

This is just some of the feedback from their most recent event:

Thank you very much for the invite last night, it was a great evening and what a venue! It was good to meet Carolyn and Sonja and interesting to find out a bit more about their respective specialties. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.”

“Thank you for arranging the evening last night, both myself and other FC counterpart thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Looking forward to the next one”

“Thanks again for the event last night – It was the best networking I’ve been to so far!”


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