Gilbert Stephens support local rugby teams

17th November 2017

Gilbert Stephens sponsored the Crediton v Sidmouth rugby match on Saturday November 11th  2017, played at Crediton Rugby Club.

Some of the staff from the Crediton and Sidmouth branches attended a reception before the match, along with their guests.

The players held a two-minute silence to mark Remembrance Day before the game, which ended Crediton 5, Sidmouth 15.

Richard Walford from Gilbert Stephens’ Crediton office said, “As a firm that has practised in Crediton for many years we are very happy to be supporting our local team, and we hope that this is a relationship which will continue into the future.

“We chose to sponsor the fixture against Sidmouth as we have offices in both towns, unfortunately our Sidmouth colleagues went back to Sidmouth happier than the home team.

“This was a great opportunity to support a community rugby club in one of the towns in which we are based.”