Gilbert Stephens Financial Services are the “Shoppers Choice”

16th June 2018

The Financial Adviser magazine have a team of mystery shoppers who regularly take a look at different businesses and share their findings.  In May their shopper was in Devon seeking out a way to minimise Capital Gains Tax on her investments.  Four different financial services firms were featured in the article and we are proud to say Gilbert Stephens Financial Services came out on top as the “Shoppers Choice” stating “The adviser spoke in a professional manner to the shopper and sounded confident”.

The only thing the Mystery Shopper would have liked differently was our encouragement to meet in person and not being able to give too much information over the phone.   There is good reason for this, we need to ensure the advice we give is correct and that is not possible during a quick initial chat on the telephone.  We need to know the fine details about a person’s income, investments and assets and we need to be sure they are who they say they are to meet money laundering requirements.  It would simply be impossible to offer full advice to a consumer via an initial telephone conversation.  We are therefore extremely happy with the feedback and to be named Shoppers Choice.  When you instruct Gilbert Stephens Financial Services you can be sure you will get qualified advice from a professional who will take the time that is needed to advise you fully.

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