Business and Employment Support COVID-19

25th March 2020

Business and Employment Support COVID-19

COVID-19: Latest update on furlough scheme

Coronavirus Furlough Scheme

23rd April 2020

When the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) was introduced on Friday 20th March 2020, the new legislation left many questions unanswered. Many people were eager to know who would be eligible, how long the Scheme would stay open for, when would employers be able to claim their staff’s wages, and so on.

Helen Clegg, Solicitor at our Exeter office, talks us through some of the latest updates for employers and employees utilising the Scheme. Read more…

Civil and Commercial Mediation

12th August 2016

Civil and Commercial Mediation

We strongly believe that participating in mediation results in a better outcome than court proceedings and is likely to be cheaper, a great deal quicker and less stressful than litigation.

We offer a mediation service to assist in resolving disputes with the aim of achieving an amicable and satisfactory agreement for all parties involved.

We offer mediation for a wide range of disputes including the following: 

  • Employment
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Neighbour and boundary disputes
  • Land Tribunal matters
  • Contract disputes and debt recovery
  • Consumer
  • Personal injury claims
  • Commercial property and business
  • Professional Negligence
  • Probate claims including inheritance claims

Why choose us

We are commercially and financially aware particularly in relation to costs. Thorough preparation is undertaken before any mediation and we have a friendly yet direct approach.

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Commercial Property

20th July 2016

Commercial Property

Our commercial property team cover the full range of commercial property work for businesses and individuals both regionally and nationwide. Our expertise in this specialist area of work includes the following:

  • Sales and purchases up to £10 million including development land
  • Negotiating commercial leases for landlords and tenants
  • Company/business sales and purchases
  • Options/pre-emption agreements and conditional contracts
  • Office/industrial/retail and licensed premises
  • Particular expertise in agriculture/hotels/care homes/petrol stations/pharmacies/doctors surgeries
  • Secured lending

Why choose us?

We have well established links with other local property professionals including accountants and surveyors. This enables us to cover all aspects of commercial property work and related issues.

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Landlord and Tenant – Business

7th July 2016

Landlord and Tenant – Businesses

For many of us, buying and renting out properties, whether residential or commercial seems like a good way to invest for the future and make additional income. However, renting and renting out property is rarely problem free. Our specialist team appreciates the ability to gain possession of your property quickly and cost effectively is essential in maintaining the value of your asset. Likewise, obtaining advice concerning your rights if you are yourself a tenant is equally as important.

Our specialist lawyers work with you to resolve any dispute in relation to tenancies and leases as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. This may mean resolving a dispute at the initial advisory stage by way of early negotiations. If there is a need to issue court proceedings our experts will act for you and advise you of your best interests and how best to achieve your objectives.

Our services

  • By preparing and serving notices on your behalf
  • Bringing claims for possession and recovery of rent
  • Bringing claims to enforce other breaches of the tenancy / lease
  • By enforcing possession orders on your behalf using certified bailiffs or High Court enforcement officers
  • Advising you about what to do with goods left behind at the premises

For ideas of our likely charges for residential possession please click here

Other areas where we can help

  • Dilapidations and disrepair
  • Forfeiture
  • Rent arrears
  • Breaches of lease covenants
  • Service charge issues
  • Enfranchisement

Our experience

We have a dedicated team of experienced lawyers with a wealth of experience in residential and commercial property including;

  • Obtaining possession and recovering rent arrears
  • Appealing a possession order
  • Obtaining orders to dispose of goods left behind at premises
  • Obtaining an order to remove trespassers on private property
  • Obtaining injunctions
  • Forfeiture of commercial premises
  • Forfeiture of long residential premises
  • Injunctive remedies for breach of lease covenants
  • Nuisance

Why choose us?

Our team use plain English to guide you through this complex area of law so that your options are always made clear and you are kept fully informed at every stage.

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Partnership Agreements

5th February 2016

Partnership Agreements

Partnerships are formed when two or more people carry on a business with a view to making a profit.  There does have to be any agreement in writing and the question of whether or not there is actually a partnership in existence is always a question of fact.

If you are considering going into business with someone as partners it is essential that you take legal advice on the  consequences of being involved in a partnership.  Potentially you are making yourself financially and legally  responsible for a whole range of liabilities and duties and it is crucial that you are fully aware of those from the outset.

It is almost always essential that you enter into a written partnership agreement as this will enable you to agree with your business partner what will happen in any given situation including the following :

  • How the profits will be shared
  • What will happen if one of you has long term illness or cannot carry on
  • Who will own the name of the firm and its goodwill should you wish to go your separate ways
  • What happens if one partner does not pull his weight
  • If one of you wishes to leave the business

If you have a disagreement with your partner the Court will apply the terms of your partnership agreement in resolving that dispute.  If you do not have a written agreement then you have a “partnership at will” and the terms and obligations which you have for each other as partners is set out in the Partnership Act 1890.  Applying the provisions of this Act will often work unfairly against one of the partners and result in lengthy and costly legal proceedings which could have been minimised had a suitable written partnership agreement been signed at the commencement of the business.

In addition to a partnership under the 1890 Act it is now possible to set up business as a “limited liability partnership”.  This is very different to a traditional partnership, it offers the partners a limit to their liabilities which is not available to them under the traditional arrangement.

Agricultural Law

28th December 2015

Agricultural Law

We have a long tradition of acting for local farmers and landowners in both Devon and further afield.

Whether buying or selling a farm or farmland, dealing with farming assets, or letting your property, it is important that you are given the correct legal advice. Through our experience in agricultural matters we understand the pressures on the rural community and are well placed to give practical and realistic advice.

Many farmers and landowners wish to consider diversifying their business so as to maximise the potential of their land.  It is important that proper advice is taken on all the factors that need to be considered such as tax consequences, planning requirements, National Park consent and legal consents.

As a result of ever changing agricultural policy, farmers are experiencing many rapid developments. They must keep pace with a wide range of changes such as reforms in CAP, the impact of planning and environmental policy and reforms to the law of agricultural holdings. There is also the ever present need to arrange their affairs in a tax efficient manner.

Our services

To help, we can provide advice on the following;

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8th January 2016


There are many environmental issues that need to be considered in land and farm management, which can lead to costly legal battles should a problem arise. It is therefore imperative that you understand the potential hazards that may arise and how to safeguard yourself against them.

Our services

  • Land management
  • Land use and planning
  • Codes of good agricultural practice
  • Rights of way
  • Water conservation
  • Pollution

Why choose us?

We are able to outline your potential environmental risks and put in place procedures to protect yourself against them. The Agricultural Codes of Practice necessary to adhere to are designed to provide practical guidance to help farmers and growers avoid causing pollution and to protect soil as their most valuable resource.

All farm staff and contractors on the farm who handle, store, use, spread or dispose of any substances that could pollute water, air or soil should be aware of their responsibilities and know about the causes and results of pollution. They should know how and when to operate and maintain the equipment they use, and know what to do in an emergency. We are able to outline and document these responsibilities, clearly and concisely.

We will highlight the main risks of possible pollution from different agricultural and horticultural sources. Good agricultural practice means a practice that minimises the risk of causing pollution while protecting natural resources and allowing economic agriculture to continue.

In many cases pollution by the farmer or landowner can lead to a criminal prosecution by the relevant government agency.  The penalties for a pollution incident are heavy.  A pollution incident can also make the farmer or landowner liable to pay compensation to someone affected by the pollution.  It is important to ensure that proper insurance cover is in place to cover any such potential risks.

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