What is the process for selling a property?

14th February 2018

Once the seller has put the property on the market and found a buyer he instructs his solicitor to start the conveyancing work

  • The seller’s Solicitor obtains a copy of the deeds, ask the buyer to complete forms intended to replace many enquiries normally raised by the buyer’s Solicitor
  • The seller’s Solicitor issues a contract
  • The buyer’s Solicitor checks the contract and raises any enquiries/searches
  • The buyer’s Solicitor approves the contract and the seller’s Solicitor sends the contract to the seller for signing
  • When ready exchange of contracts takes place when a completion date is set (at this point neither party can withdraw and are committed to the transaction taking place)
  • The seller’s Solicitor obtains a statement from the seller’s Lender (if any) calculated to completion
  • The seller signs the final document transferring the property to the buyer
  • Completion takes place when the seller moves out and the buyer is handed the keys