Ottery St Mary Pixie Day

28th September 2021

On Saturday 25th September Pixie Day was once again celebrated in Ottery St Mary!  This year’s Pixie Day had a great turnout with the town full of people and pixies!

Pixie Day is well known for its various sideshows around the town and this year was no exception with plenty going on to keep everyone entertained.

Lisa, Tasha, Karen and Dana from our office were there to join in the fun and hand out plenty of balloons and flags to everyone.   The event was as busy and noisy as ever which meant for an amazing atmosphere.

Pixie Day normally takes place on the Saturday nearest to Midsummer’s Day, due to Covid it had to be postponed, and it was worth the wait!

The Ottery St Mary website explains the story behind Pixie Day as follows:

“While the current event dates back to the mid twentieth century, its origins are believed to go way back to the fifteenth century. The legend goes that pixies once lived in Ottery, but were driven out by human occupation and in particular the building of the church and the ringing of its bells, as a pixie death occurred every time the bells were rung and they couldn’t abide the noise. Eventually the pixies took the bellringers prisoner and kept them in a cave; luckily they escaped and Pixie Day was founded so that the events were not forgotten.”

Pixie Day is one of the year’s highlights for those at our Ottery St Mary office, it’s such a vibrant event in the calendar.  Ottery St Mary are well known for their extraordinary events, the Tar Barrels are now not too far away…!

A big thank you to all the organisers and those who took part to make it a magical pixie filled day for all, we were delighted to be able to continue our support of the event.