Okehampton Round Table Sponsorship

4th November 2020

We are very pleased to be able to support the Okehampton Round Table Christmas Sleigh this year.

The Sleigh is well recognised locally and travels raising money for local charities, it has also picked up donations for the local Food Bank, something that is needed more than ever this year. Each of our offices are also having a collection to donate to their local foodbanks with a 12 day of Christmas theme, we have suggested items for donation for each day including tinned meat, tinned potatoes, cereal, UHT milk, Toiletries, Christmas treats and more.

We would encourage people to donate food or money to local foodbanks if at all possible as they are a lifeline to so many. During the Covid-19 pandemic, food banks are anticipating a higher demand than ever for their services. They help individuals and families in crisis by providing free emergency food, while care agencies go in to help in the longer term.

Okehampton Food Bank say “No matter who you are we are here to help”. There is no shame in asking for food, but it would be a shame to go without. You can learn more about the Okehampton Food Bank here

You can follow Santa’s Sleigh on their Facebook page here, be sure to follow the page to keep up to date on where the sleigh will be visiting and when. The sleigh is also a great photo opportunity with it’s bright lights and jolly Santa, and you can make donations by contactless card payment!