MPs seek to guarantee grandparents’ rights to see children

3rd June 2018

The right of a grandparent to see their grandchildren after a divorce should be enshrined within law, MPs have said.  To read the full article click here   

At present grandparents generally have to ask the court for permission to make an application for contact with a grandchild before making the application itself.  The amendment which was reported as being discussed would give the grandparent the automatic right to apply to the court for the contact without having to ask for permission to do so.  On the face of it this would appear to be a humane change to correct what can at present be a sad injustice with grandparents not seeing their grandchildren for years on end.  Having said that , the whole area of contact with children after a divorce or separation is a relationship minefield with the adults involved – including the grandparents – often giving full rein to their highly charged emotions to the detriment of the children caught in the cross fire.  There are reports of cases which make very sad reading but Parliament needs to tread very carefully before meddling with the current legislative framework as it not difficult to the family practitioner to see how more harm than good could come of this.