Gilbert Stephens Solicitors join forces with Certainty

3rd April 2020

At Gilbert Stephens Solicitors we understand the worry and upset that can be caused if a Will cannot be found at a time when it is most needed. To help overcome this we have joined with Certainty, which is a national Wills register recommended and endorsed by leading legal professional bodies, charities and other organisations. Certainty makes sure that if your Will is lost, misplaced or forgotten over the passage of time, the location of it can easily be identified.

Registering with Certainty will record the existence and exact whereabouts of your Will without ever needing a copy. The location of your Will is kept strictly confidential and will only be revealed to executors once you have passed away.

The normal cost of registering a Will with Certainty is £30.00 plus VAT. However, we recognise the importance of you and your family having peace of mind about the whereabouts of your Will and will include this as part of the service you receive at no extra cost to you.

For more information about Certainty the National Wills Register see their website www.certainty.co.uk.

If you would like to speak to one of our specialists about making and looking after your Will, get in touch with or call 01392 424242 to talk to one of our team.