Christmas Shoeboxes ready for Eastern Europe

29th November 2021

It’s that time of year again where the cold winds are blowing, people are wearing extra layers to keep warm and most people are busy preparing for Christmas. Gilbert Stephens Solicitors are continuing their annual tradition of donating Christmas shoeboxes to the Christian Response to Eastern Europe Appeal (CR2EE) in order to bring some cheer and happiness into the lives of those less fortunate than us at this time of year.

CR2EE are a Christian based charity who offer support & relief to disadvantaged and vulnerable people living in Eastern Europe, this includes giving support to families, churches and medical organisations through financial gifts, taking humanitarian aid and medical supplies and setting up projects to provide long term benefits and independence. One of their annual campaigns is the Christmas Shoebox Appeal where people are encouraged to fill a shoebox with suitable gifts for families, this could be children, adults and even grandparents because Christmas isn’t just for children!

The shoeboxes are then sent to Eastern Europe and distributed by CR2EE. Gilbert Stephens Solicitors are donating their Christmas Shoeboxes along with many other companies who recognise the important work carried out by Christian Response to Eastern Europe Appeal.

You can find out more details about the Christian Response to Eastern Europe Appeal here

And watch this video for the smiles these shoeboxes bring here