Cheap and cheerful? Your Will is more than a tick in the box.

7th November 2016

If you want to be a Will writer, you can be! It’s as easy as that. You don’t need training, you don’t need qualifications and there is definitely no oversight or regulation.

For these reasons a cheap Will service is easy to find but, as with so much in life, you get what you pay for.

Writing a Will can be a tricky business. Basic mistakes can cause gifts to fail or worse, if the correct witnessing procedure is not followed, the whole document can be invalid. This could cause unnecessary distress and financial hardship to your loved ones after you die.

Even if your Will writer has mastered the basics, a need to keep costs down or a lack of experience can mean that they fail to explore your situation and offer inappropriate advice or fail to complete accompanying legal documentation to ensure your Will is effective. This news story highlights one of the many potential pitfalls of using a Will writing service;

Solicitors firms have to ensure that all their legal advisors, unlike Will writers, are fully trained and qualified and are highly regulated to ensure that the advice they provide you with is second to none. If you are considering making a Will, why not call Gilbert Stephens LLP and arrange an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and professional lawyers.

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