Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to the Countryside

16th November 2020

As people take advantage of the Stamp Duty break, which ends on 31st March (read about that here), more appear to be leaving the city life behind and upsizing in the countryside. Covid-19 may have impacted these decisions with people wishing to live in less condensed areas and perhaps have found a new love of the countryside during lockdown.

Though there are many positives to gain from countryside living, it does also have some disadvantage. 

The realities of countryside living will be more appealing to some than others, it’s therefore important to consider your choice thoroughly. For example, living in a village close to a city, living on the outskirts of a city or moving to a home that simply has a larger garden may be a better compromise for some, if you want a bit of nature but still thrive on city living.

If you are used to living in the city, you will have enjoyed having everything at your fingertips; takeaways and deliveries, a shop always nearby, good public transport, theatres, cinemas and other venues. Depending on where you decide to move to, you may be left with none of these and it’s worth considering how frustrating you would find it to run out of milk and not be able to just nip out quickly to get some, or order a takeaway whenever you fancy it.

If you are very social, the city life is normally buzzing with choices of venues to attend whereas, you may be slightly more limited in the countryside. That’s not to say living in the countryside doesn’t have a social factor, some villages have a thriving community you can get involved in, perhaps a local pub too. There’s often options to get involved in something – it depends just how rural and secluded you choose to be.

If some community contact is something you are keen on, we’d recommended looking at villages and learning more about what’s on offer, what clubs, societies and community events happen within. If any village you are considering has a pub, visit it a few times to get a feel for it and the people who live there. Take some walks around the surrounding countryside and see how it makes you feel.

If you have children, it will also be important to consider schools in the area and bear in mind how your children will travel to school. Would you drive them or rely on school transport, is this something you would be able to do? Will you be happy being Mum/Dad taxi so they can visit friends, go to their clubs and socialise?

There’s a lot to be said for countryside living; fresh air (though beware of muck spreading days!), being surrounded by nature, more space in and outside the home, character, possible cheaper lifestyle, lower stress levels and a feeling of safety.  If all these aspects are more important to you than convenience, then a countryside move may well be for you.

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