Family Mediation

Gilbert Stephens Family Mediation is committed to helping families resolve their difficulties through mediation and by doing so avoid the need for expensive, stressful and confrontational court proceedings where possible.

Our trained mediators understand that it is often hard to talk to one another, especially when you are going through difficult times and dealing with a wide range of emotions as well as trying to cope with everyday matters.

We are here to help you by:

  • Providing a neutral venue where you can talk about matters openly
  • Assisting you to identify the matters that you need to discuss
  • Helping to identify realistic and practical solutions but at the same time remaining impartial and neutral.

We can also assist you to resolve most issues that arise when a relationship breaks down including:

  • Separation and/or divorce
  • Financial matters such as the division of assets, maintenance and pensions
  • Arrangements for the children about where they will live and the time they spend with parents and grandparents
  • Consultation with children (in appropriate cases)

Family mediation can often be a quicker and cheaper way to resolve issues and decisions made during mediation are likely to be more successful in the longer term than using other ways of settling matters. You and your former partner make the important decisions, not the court or someone else.

For more information about mediation click here, or watch the video 


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