Debt Collection – Pricing Information

Our Fees

Every case is different and we recommend that you have an initial consultation with one of our lawyers who can then discuss with you the likely issues your case will raise and provide an indication of the likely fees involved. There are many factors which may affect the amount of work involved, and therefore the likely cost, including the value of the claim, whether the other party disputes the debt and the complexity of the legal issues involved.

The table below gives an approximate guide as to the costs that are likely to be incurred in cases where there is a straightforward claim and the other party does not contest that the debt is owed. Our fees are bases on an hourly rate of between £150 and £210 plus VAT (currently charged at 20%) depending on the level of fee earner required to deal with the case.

Amount Claimed Pre Court costs
(Excluding VAT)
Our fee to issue proceedings
(Excluding VAT)
Court fee
Less than £5,000 £250 – £500 £500 – £750 £35 – £205
Between £5,000 and £10,000 £250 – £750 £500 – £750 £455
Over £10,000 and up to £50,000 £500 – £1,000 £1,000 – £2,000 Sliding scale 5% of claim

If the claim is not defended, it is possible to request a default Judgment and the claim be dealt with on paper.

Cases where the debt is disputed are likely to cost considerably more to claim through the Courts and we would be able to discuss the likely overall fees with you before Court proceedings are issued.

Time Scales

An undefended money claim is likely to take up to 3 months from issuing court proceedings to obtaining judgment from the court. If the claim is defended, we will discuss with you the likely timescales to reach a conclusion.


If the other party fails to comply with a judgment there are various types of enforcement proceedings open to you and we will discuss with you the prospects of success and the likely costs and fees involved.

Who will deal with my case?

Our debt collection team team is made up of Solicitors, Chartered Legal Executives and Legal Assistants who are experienced in dealing with claims arising from employment and well qualified to help guide you through what can be a very stressful process and provide you with the support you need from start to finish.

What if something goes wrong?

If there is a problem you should contact the person who is dealing with your matter as soon as possible with details of your concern. If it is not possible to resolve the matter quickly and informally we have a complaints handling procedure which you can read here.